About Us

Twisted Roots Bath & Body is a family owned and operated business. Our journey into product-making began around the first of the year in 2010 where we started with our flagship Hair Cream. My family has been natural for well over 20 years, but have always had dry and inflamed scalp issues. We searched high and low for a product that would not only soften and make our woolly hair manageable, but help with itchiness and flakes. When nothing seemed to be working, we started researching the ingredients that were in standard hair products. Oh my, that list was long! Perfumes, dyes, and materials we couldn’t pronounce lead us to believe our issues stemmed from an overabundance of those ingredients that our scalp couldn’t handle. So, there began our quest to discover the best ingredients for our particular issues with dry scalp and manageability. Lo and behold, after much research, we created The Original Hair Cream. This Hair Cream has been the answer to our quest for the best product. 


After creating our Hair Cream, we began to find the best hair care regimen for our type of hair. There was much trial and error as we learned what our sensitive scalp could take, and what it liked and didn’t like. I tell you, our scalp doesn’t like very much! We have to use products that are very simple in ingredients, minimal fragrances, and only use natural colorants. Thus begun our obsession with making more hair products.


From that point on, we have tweaked, tested, and played with different recipes for all things bath and body. We branched out into creating lotions, body butters, shampoo, soaps, and much more. Our hair, scalp, and skin love us for it. We’ve shared our products with our family over the years, and we thank them for trusting in our craft. They are a testament to how well our hair products work, because when they run out we hear about it! So have faith that our products have been tried, tested, and approved.


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Takeisha (Owner)


Carrollton, TX 75007


Phone: (972) 581-9040